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Kids as a Mission Field (PC)

Length: 46 minutesAuthor: Becky FischerComplexity: Standard

Children up to the age of 19 make up nearly one third of the world’s population, and yet the Church prefers to focus on adults for discipling, equipping, teaching, not…

Children & the Holy Spirit (PC)

Length: 60 minutesAuthor: Becky FischerComplexity: Standard

Even in our Charismatic and Pentecostal churches, it is rare to see more than about 25% of our children under the age of twelve filled with the Holy Spirit and…

How to Prepare Your Lesson (PC)

Length: 58 minutesAuthor: Becky FischerComplexity: Standard

Most churches have historically only held Sunday Schools for their children. They have focused on telling Bible stories rather than teaching the meat of God’s word and creating room for…

Creative Teaching Ideas (PC)

Length: 60 minutesAuthor: Becky FischerComplexity: Standard

One of the greatest challenges we face as children’s ministers is taking deep and often complicated doctrinal concepts and converting them into a form that even a young child can…

Creative Use of Drama (PC)

Length: 103 minutesAuthor: Becky FischerComplexity: Standard

Packaging the Word of God in creative and interesting ways is key to helping children embrace, enjoy, and love your Bible lessons. As a teaching tool, using creative drama skits…

Discipline Can Be Fun (PC)

Length: 60 minutesAuthor: Becky FischerComplexity: Hard

With over nineteen years of experience in children’s ministry, day care work, and raising five children of her own, Laura shares a plethora of creative, effective ideas for discipline that…

Child Protection Policies (PC)

Length: 57 minutesAuthor: Becky FischerComplexity: Standard

Believe it or not, churches are one of the most frequent targets of child molesters because of the great need for volunteer help and the high trust factor among Christians.…

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