Three Free Trial Lessons




Welcome to our Free Trial Lessons that are part of the School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry (SSCM)!

This lesson will allow you to see what types of lessons you will learn, and see how quick and easy it is to take the online tests! In SSCM you will find sessions specifically for those in children’s ministry, as well as classes for parents. Then there are many additional classes that every church leader and Christian should see, as they are eye-opening looks into what it takes to equip a generation of children to follow hard after God!

After taking this class, you can choose to sign up for the full 45 hour School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry course, or the break-out SSCM course called the PowerClub Training Course, or the 14 hours of parenting classes that is also a break-out of the full SSCM.

Whichever E-course you decide on, we know you will learn and be inspired!

There’s no obligation for taking this class, and no credit card is needed!

IF YOU HAVE POOR INTERNET SERVICE: You will be delighted to know that you can still take the online course, even if you do not have the best internet. In every class we provide a link for you to download an MP4 video of the lesson to your computer. You can then watch the video offline. When you are finished, go back online and take the test! It’s easy!

Have Fun! Leave a comment so we know how you liked the lesson!

(International customers, particularly in developing nations, contact us if you might need a free or partially free scholarship to take the full course. The requirement is to complete the Free Trial first.)

2 reviews for Three Free Trial Lessons

  1. Becky Fischer

    I am so excited to watch these, we are missionaries in Nepal and Croatia and we just need the Holy Spirit. We can teach them Word of God and I have been in meetings where the Holy Spirit fell but I just need help! In bible school and as I young missionary, I saw the Gods Holy Spirit collapse whole crowds of children, 5 deep. We as ushers/bible school students couldn’t grab them all. I was involved in a primary age prayer group that prayed thru school shooting the week after Columbine, and I believe groups like ours prevented it from being much worse. I haven’t seen these things in a long time and I am desperate. I have enjoyed your you tube videos so much and am half way thru the first free lesson. I can’t write fast enough its so so good. Thank you! ~ Shelly G.

  2. courage016

    God bless the ministry….

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