SSCM Level One: Children’s Ministry Basics


SSCM Level One: Children’s Ministry Basics is a “crash course” of fifteen lessons on how to run an effective children’s ministry the focuses on taking children into the deeper things of God, equipping them for the work of the believer’s ministry as talked about in Mark 16:15-19, and learning to create opportunities to take children into the presence of God.

It is designed for those interested in a spirit-filled, Pentecostal, or Charismatic focus. One of the unique characteristics is learning how to teach children to hear God’s voice, be led by His Spirit, heal the sick, learn to be intercessors, worshipers, and more.

It is especially beneficial for those who have only had a Sunday School format background rather than a children’s church service experience.

PLEASE NOTE: There are three Levels of SSCM all of which are highly suggested for anyone with a career in children’s ministry.

$125 + $30 Enrollment Fee = $155.00




Titles of the sessions include:
1: Evaluating the Church & Her Children
2: Kids as a Mission Field
3: PowerClubs: What they Are & How to Start One
4: The New Wine Skin of Children’s Ministry
5: Preschoolers & God
6: Children & the Holy Spirit
7: The Tabernacle Pattern of Children’s Ministry™
8: How to Prepare Your Lesson
9: Creative Teaching Ideas
10: Creative Use of Drama
11: Reaching the Heart of a Child through Games
12: Understanding Children & Worship
13: How to Bring Kids into the Presence of God
14: Discipline Can Be Fun
15. Quick & Easy Scripture Memorization
16. Child Protection Policies


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