Revolutionary Parenting


(PLEASE NOTE: The classes included in this course are a part of the School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry. We offer them here separately for parents who are only interested in the specific parenting classes. If you sign up for SSCM, all of these sessions will be included there.)

What is a spiritual champion? It is an irrepressible follower of Jesus Christ who accepts the Bible as truth, lives by its principles, and seeks ways to impact the world and continually deepen his or her relationship with God. It’s what every Christian parent wants for their children, but frequently has no idea how to make it happen.

But it can be as simple as weaving in practical principles from God’s Word into the fabric of the daily rhythm of family routine. Increase the odds that your child will grow into adulthood with a passion for Christ with the help of the simple principles included in this series of teachings with Becky Fischer.

We’ve taken fourteen sessions from the School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry that specifically relate to Christian Parents. If you are planning to go through the full 45 Session School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry, or if you have already done so, do not buy this course. All  of these lessons are already contained in SSCM.

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1. Revolutionary Parenting 
2. How to Raise a Spiritual Champion
3. Circumcising a New Generation
4. Creating a Biblical Worldview in Your Children
5. A Holy and Righteous Generation
6. Is Children’s Ministry Biblical?
7. What Christian Parents Can Learn from Mormons, Muslims & Jews
8. Speaking the Language of the Spirit in Our Homes
9. Single Parent Discipleship
10. Babies and God
11. Preschoolers and God
12. Presence Driven Family Ministry
13. Unlocking the Mystery of Children’s Dreams
14. How the Kingdom of Darkness Operates in Children



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