SSCM Certification

SSCM  Certification May Be for You

sscm-certificate-2For those who are interested, we offer a Certificate of Completion for those SSCM students who do the necessary homework requirements which are very simple. Work at your own pace, but there is a two year deadline. There is an Enrollment Form to be printed out and sent in along with a one-time $20 registration fee if the purchaser desires to officially enroll as a student. Our SSCM Instructor Torry Norris ( will then coach them throughout the training. Thereafter, simply follow the instructions of taking notes on every session you listen to, and submit them in the proper format. Once all of your notes have been submitted and viewed by our leaders, we will send you a signed Certificate of Completion for you to frame and hang in your home or office.

As a SSCM Certified Graduate you potentially become a candidate to help Kids in Ministry leaders in training situations with kids and adults around the world.

Symbolic Pretzels for All Grads

pretzels-2Giving our graduates “Pretzels” along with their certificates has become a tradition with special meaning.  It came from a dream someone had about Becky which we share at every graduation ceremony. Historically pretzels represent gifts that monks gave to children for memorizing their prayers. The three holes in the pretzels represent the Trinity. But there is much more prophetic significance that we share at graduation. Students who are not able to attend the Live Graduation will still receive their pretzel (preserved with shellac for longevity) along with a written explanation of the dream and the interpretation.





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