How Does SSCM Training Work?

Study at HomeSSCM is a correspondence course, which students study on their own, or in a group. Students go at their own pace based on their own lifestyle and schedule. There is a two year deadline to complete the course, after which the student is put on an inactive list. Within that two year time frame, the student(s) sets their own goals individually or as a group. As soon as you sign up for the course, SSCM Instructor Torry Norris ( will help you through the process when needed. She will be available to answer any questions and help keep you motivated.

Four Ways to Take the Course

There are four primary ways to take the SSCM course.

1) Taking the Online School found in this website.
2) Purchasing the SSCM course on DVD either as an entire unit, or purchasing individual sessions at a time. (Purchase DVDs here.)
3) Attend a LIVE training being held in your area.
4) Purchase the DVD course, watch it as a group as per SSCM guidelines.

In order to become a certified graduate, there will be a $20 enrollment fee per student to cover administration expenses regardless of which way you choose.

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An Important Book to Read!

One of the important elements of this course is reading the book by Becky Fischer, “Redefining Children’s Ministry in the 21st Century.” We have included it as a free PDF download in Lesson One. If you do not want to read it online, you can print it out, or a hard copy can be purchased by clicking here. When you purchase the entire DVD course, you receive the book for free as a bonus. Exam questions are included in the lesson for your convenience. Reading this book is the beginning and basis of everything you will learn in this course.



guy study1) Taking the Online Course

If you decide to take the online course here, you will watch the MP4 video in each lesson online. Then you will take the quiz corresponding to it. Some of the sessions give you your score immediately. Others, which include essay type questions, will be reviewed the SSCM Instructor and graded.  You can come back later to see your score with any comments she may have made. Either way, you will be able to immediately go onto the next lesson. Once the entire course is completed, you will receive a letter of completion immediately. Your graduation certificate will come later (see below).*

SSCM-options-22) Taking the Course through DVDs (Click Here)

If a student(s) purchases the course on DVD, all of the instructions of exactly what to do are included on the first CD in the set. Open and read the instructions before proceeding.  There is an Enrollment Form that needs to be printed out and sent in to the SSCM Instructor along with a one-time $20 registration fee if the purchaser desires to officially enroll as a student and be certified.  The CD lists the SSCM sessions for you to keep track of what you have watched. Our SSCM Instructor Torry Norris will then coach the student throughout the training.

For your convenience, the examination questions have been included on the CD with the other instructions. Simply take the exam on your computer, and email it to the SSCM Instructor who will keep track on a chart of all of the sessions you have completed.

 KIMIWisc 43) Attending a LIVE Training of Webinar Conference

There are not very many live or webinar training sessions each year, as it takes almost two weeks to go through all 45 sessions consecutively, and few of the leaders or students can set aside that much time normally. Each of our leaders have the flexibility to set up their own schedules of how they want to conduct the course.

You can check with our State leaders by clicking here and contacting them. For those living in or near Australia, contact KIMI Australia by clicking here. For those living in Mexico contact KIMI Latin America here. Also check our Events Calendar on this website and you may find a training in your area that has already been scheduled.

4) Groups Studying Together 

JOdy's PC gradsFrequently entire church groups want to take the course together. We welcome this. As many people as desire can study and become certified graduates from just the one DVD course purchased by the sponsoring church, however, in order to be certified, the $20 enrollment fee per individual still applies. A real bonus to going through together as a group is, as long as the group leader takes roll call, and confirms each student has actually been in attendance and has watched the DVDs, written notes are then not required. We at KIMI simply want to know the students went through the material. Please note: A group can defined as a two or more people outside a local church, a group of parents, or even a husband and wife going through the course together.

However it is important that the group leader register with the SSCM Instructor following the guidelines and instructions. Ask our office at for the necessary forms to sign up as a group facilitator.


* Graduation Certificates are given out once a year in the fall (usually late September) at KIMI’s Annual Leadership Conference. If possible, we ask for each graduate to attend so that we may give you your certificate in person, meet you face to face, and lay hands on you as a team and pray over you. If it is not possible to attend, we pray over your certificate in the conference, then send it to you afterwards.


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  1. Alison13 December 28, 2013 at 4:01 pm #

    Hi I have registered for the online SSCM course and am very eager to start. I have checked my account and it’s listed as ‘on hold’. Can you advise please? Many thanks

    • Becky Fischer December 28, 2013 at 5:53 pm #

      Alison, this is very strange because everything went through fine on our end, including the payment through paypal. However I found this message attached to your order: “Validation error: PayPal amounts do not match (gross 339.97). Order status changed from pending to on-hold.”

      I have no idea what that means or why it happened. So I manually changed your order status to “Completed”. But I don’t know what it does on your end. Has any other confirmation email come in the last few minutes? Can you try now to get in? Tell me what happens on your end. We have not had a problem like this before.

  2. Excel October 31, 2013 at 7:58 am #

    How does one order for the course on DVD. I Can’t find the link on the page? Thank you

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