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2013 Our Biggest SSCM Graduating Class Ever!
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In October 2013, we held our 4th Annual KIMI Leadership Conference “Pressing for the Prize,” in which John Tasch, was our keynote speaker. John was a breath of fresh air of encouragement and inspiration. During this conference we also had our Annual School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry graduation ceremonies for all the new SSCM grads from literally all over the world.

graduating class 2013

While only ten were able to actually fly into North Dakota to join us, we actually had the largest graduation class ever in one year. There were forty-two new grads from about fifteen different nations! We were thrilled. As always, we laid hands on and prayed over the ones who came in person, but we also prayed over the remaining certificates and those they represented before mailing them out.

One graduate told us: “This training has given me a new paradigm for the call of God on my life. During the ‘casting vision’ part of the training course all I could say after every teaching was “wow.” I was awakened to the reality of the need and potential of our kids to be taught and equipped in their callings as kids of the kingdom.” Lyn C.

Angie A. wrote: “I have seen kids in revival, but something was missing. The vision of the Tabernacle Pattern of Children’s
Ministry was a higher vision than what I had, and that is what I received through the SSCM and by using the KIMI Curriculums.”

We look forward to seeing these graduates get further involved in KIMI and helping spread the message of boys and girls walking in the supernatual power of God!

If you are a new student of SSCM, please plan to join us for Graduation in 2014. Click here for more information.

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