Available For Each SSCM Level

SSCM Graduates posing with their certifications

A Certificate of Completion is automatic when students take the course via our online classes for SSCM Level One (Children’s Ministry), and the full 45 hour course made up of Levels One, Two, and Three. The certification fee is automatically included in the online courses only.

Advantages of SSCM Certification

  • receive a lifetime of free MP4 updates of any SSCM classes that are added or updated
  • receive a lifetime 10% discount off any KIMI items in our online store (discount code given to students upon graduation)
  • receive a 10% discount off registration fees for any KIMI sponsored event
  • watch all KIMI online live streamed events for free
  • Resume Boost! If you decide you want to look for a position as a children’s pastor of a local church, be sure to list SSCM as a part of your ongoing education. This training course will prepare you for most situations and can be included on your resume’ as unique quality training you have received. When we receive requests in our office for churches looking for children’s pastors or ministers, we check to see if any of our SSCM certified grads are interested.
  • You become a part of a worldwide network of children’s ministers who have the same passion for children you do by becoming an official PowerClub leader in your own church, home, neighborhood, city, or school by a simple application process. Your PowerClub is then added to our list so others in your area can find your Club and bring their children to your meetings.
SSCM Graduate Certificate
SSCM Graduate Seal

Higher Education Accreditation

SSCM is not an accredited course by itself as it is not a part of a higher education entity such as a college or university. If you need accreditation we suggest you take our course through the International School of Ministry (ISOM) under the leadership of Dr. Berin Gilfillan. It is offered as an elective module under either their Bachelor’s or Masters Degrees. You may view their online catalog, and you will find The Supernatural School of Ministry on page 69. Click here to view. Learn more about SSCM through ISOM by going here: International School of Ministry. For the majority of children’s ministry leaders in the average local church, a Certificate of Completion is more than adequate.

Recognized as Ongoing Education

Check with your church to see if they will cover your cost of the SSCM course under their ongoing education programs for either Children’s Ministry or Family Ministry programs.

Work at your own pace. Once you have completed each Level of SSCM, you will be sent an email notification immediately that you have passed the course. We then add you to either Level One and the full 45 Hour SSCM graduates to our annual list of graduates. We will send you a digital copy of your certificate and a graduation photo that is added to your class. The school year extends from September to September for each graduating class.