SSCM Level Three: Revolutionary Family Ministry

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1. Creating a Biblical Worldview in Our Children – SSCM Level Three

Length: 52 minutesAuthor: Becky FischerComplexity: Standard

Research shows less than 4% of the American population has a biblical worldview. But what’s worse is only 9% of born-again Christians have a biblical worldview. What is a worldview and why should we care if our children have one? Biblical literacy is at an all time low in our nation, and really, in the whole world. This affects all of our decision making in every area of our lives. The lack of Bible knowledge is contributing to our children and youth being so easily swept away by the attitudes and belief systems of our culture. What can we do to make sure our children grow up with a biblical worldview? This teaching addresses all of these issues.

2. Circumcising a New Generation – SSCM Level Three

Length: 65 minutesAuthor: Becky FischerComplexity: Standard

Joshua was God’s designated man to take the Promised Land back, but he needed help to do it. But no one over the age of twenty was allowed into the land and before he could take them in, he had to circumcise them. Basically, Joshua’s generation failed to pass their spiritual legacy on to the next generation. While Joshua saw great miracles, Joshua’s children only heard about the miracles, and Joshua’s grandchildren worshiped Baal. This is a powerfully prophetic look at the spiritual relationship between the current generations working together to bring Jesus back again.

3. Is Children’s Ministry Biblical? SSCM Level Three

Length: 51 minutesAuthor: Becky FischerComplexity: Standard

Somehow within the last 100 years, it has become the accepted standard to expect our churches disciple our children. Typical Sunday Schools are what we’ve been led to believe is “God’s way” of teaching our children to follow Jesus. But is that really the way it was done in the Bible? Who are really the ones who have been delegated by God to train children to walk in the ways of God? This message is very challenging, as it turns upside down we’ve come to believing about raising children for the kingdom of God. Bottom line is that the discipleship of our children is to be done in the home.

4. Revolutionary Parenting – SSCM Level Three

Length: 45 minutesAuthor: Becky FischerComplexity: Standard

Being a good Christian does not mean a person is a good parent. There is no manual handed out when you get saved or first get married that tells you how to be a good parent. And since teaching children to walk with God is the parent’s job, and not the church, it’s important parents understand how to do it. There have been more than 75,000 different parenting books written in the past 21 years, but there’s only one that has been written by talking to the parents of children who are successfully walking with Christ as adults. In this session we begin exploring the book “Revolutionary Parenting” by researcher George Barna to see what they did to succeed in this most important job.

5. How to Raise a Spiritual Champion – SSCM Level Three

Length: 59 minutesAuthor: Becky FischerComplexity: Hard

It’s the job of Christian parents to raise children who are spiritual champions. Spiritual champions are those who see God as the most important thing in their lives, and order their relationships, jobs, and lives around Him. The parents who produce spiritual champions embrace parenting as their primary job in life. They view the job/career they get paid to do as secondary to their parenting job. Revolutionary Parents ignore what culture says they are supposed to do and use the Bible as their standard for their parenting decisions. They integrated their faith into everything they do. Learn how to be a revolutionary parent in this session.

6. Why They Stay & Why They Stray – SSCM Level Three

Length: 43 minutesAuthor: Becky FischerComplexity: Standard

This session has groundbreaking research that includes how family upbringing, relationships with parents, head pastors, youth pastors, home school vs public school, issues they dealt with upon high school graduation, college choices, water baptism, and more, made a difference in whether they stayed in the church or strayed from the church as adults.

7. Babies and God – SSCM Level Three

Length: 48 minutesAuthor: Becky FischerComplexity: Standard

This is an intriguing look at the spiritual nurturing of children from birth and even while the child is still in the womb that clearly shows the difference in the lives of children who were bathed in prayer, worship music, and prophetic declarations and their siblings who did not receive the same nurture. To add credence to the statements, scientific examples are shared about what a fetus experiences in the womb. It is a grave mistake to think that the spiritual training of our children begins when they start school, or worse yet, when they become teens. If you are planning a family, or know someone who is, this is a critical and powerful message that needs to be heard if the goal is to truly raise a spiritual warrior for God.

8. Preschoolers & God – SSCM Level 3

Length: 55 minutesAuthor: Becky FischerComplexity: Standard

Becky shares that from her experience of over 17 years in children’s ministry that she sees ministry to preschoolers as one of the most important. According to her these children, ages three to five, are the most spiritual sensitive of any time in the life of the child. While much of what they see and say is relegated to an “overactive imagination” Becky shows how much of the time they are actually having a spiritual experience but lack the vocabulary to share what they are feeling and seeing in an acceptable way and are therefore misunderstood.

9. A Father’s Blessing – SSCM Level 3

Length: 0 minutesAuthor: Becky FischerComplexity: Standard

Before Jesus entered his ministry, He received his Father’s public blessing, “This is my son in whom I’m well pleased.” Today, 50% of Generation Z, the children we are ministering to today, are being raised in fatherless homes. That’s the largest percentage in history. It is from our mother’s we receive unconditional love, our character, […]

10. All Eyes on Gen Z – SSCM Level 3

Length: 0 minutesAuthor: Becky FischerComplexity: Hard

The world’s attention has been on the Millennial Generation for years. But they are all grown up, and the children and teens we are now ministering to are an entirely new generation with their own characteristics and personality called Generation Z. They are not a miniature version of the Millennials. Generation Z is the children […]

11. Gender Identity Issues in Children – SSCM Level 3

Length: 75 minutesAuthor: Becky FischerComplexity: Standard

Nobody wants to talk about it. Bringing up the subject of sexual issues of any kind in children is very uncomfortable. But we can no longer ignore the fact that same sex attractions and, ultimately, a lifestyle of homosexuality, is not a teen or adult issue. The roots begin in childhood, and sometimes infancy. It can be reversed if parents, teachers, and ministers know the signs and know what to do.

12. Single Parent Discipleship – SSCM Level Three

Length: 36 minutesAuthor: Becky FischerComplexity: Standard

Almost everyone is familiar with dire statistics that say the children raised in single parent homes face challenges. They become victims in so many ways. But single mother of four, Torry Norris, has refused to let her children be victims of anything. Despite all the odds, and going against the advice of Christian friends and leaders, Torry has home schooled her four children, and instilled a deep love for the Lord in them.

She talks about the challenges she’s faced over the fast five years, while sharing about the creative, anointed methods she has used in the home to teach her children to heard God’s voice, follow His leading, spontaneously pray for the sick, and so much more. This is an amazing encouragement to every single parent that, yes, you can successfully disciple your children to walk hard after God.

13. A Holy & Righteous Generation – SSCM Level Three

Length: 42 minutesAuthor: Becky FischerComplexity: Standard

This generation has been more assaulted with immorality of all kinds on every front than any other generation in American history. We have credible statistics that shows there is virtually no difference in their lifestyles morally of this generation of Christian teens and youth than their non-Christian counterparts. The Bible exhorts us all, no matter what our ages, to take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ (2 Corinthians 10:5).

15. Speaking the Language of the Spirit in our Homes – SSCM Level Three

Length: 39 minutesAuthor: Becky FischerComplexity: Standard

Based on an original teaching by KIMI PowerClubs Ambassador-at-Large, Pamela Ayres, Becky presents a unique scriptural look at how each generation had a destiny to fulfill and how they were dependent on the generation before them to prepare them for it. This generation has a great prophetic destiny before it as well, but those of us who minister to them play a crucial role in preparing them for what they are to do.