SSCM Level Two: Supernatural Equipping

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1. Kids as Carriers of Revival – SSCM Level Two

Length: 47 minutesAuthor: Becky FischerComplexity: Standard

Too often when we talk about discipleship, we mean just one more Bible study to go to. That’s not how Jesus demonstrated discipleship. Kids these days are no longer content to sit and listen to us give them one more Bible lesson. They want to be intimately involved in the works of Jesus. The only thing holding them back is having someone show them what to do then releasing them in a safe environment to actually do what they’ve been taught. We have to completely rethink our style of ministry to children if we want to keep them actively involved in the faith.

2. How to Hear the Voice of God – SSCM Level Two

Length: 52 minutesAuthor: Becky FischerComplexity: Standard

Knowing how to hear God’s voice is critical for every Christian, including our children. But surprisingly few Christians have ever been taught how. This session lays an excellent foundation for new Christians, and seasoned Christians giving many practical concepts that are easy to implement in our every day lives. The key lies in knowing how God speaks to His people.

3. The Supernatural Power of Tongues – SSCM Level 2

Length: 0 minutesAuthor: Becky FischerComplexity: Standard

The saints of old knew something about the purpose and power of praying in tongues, which has become somewhat of a lost art in today’s generations. There has been so much controversy surrounding it that even Pentecostal and Charismatic leaders tend to avoid talking about it. For the last 30 years or more, our churches […]

4. Awakening the Heart of Prayer in Children – SSCM Level 2

Length: 60 minutesAuthor: Becky FischerComplexity: Standard

When taught how to pray over important, relevant issues, children love to pray. And they are good at it. Prayer results in every core value we believe children need to become activated members in the body of Christ. In prayer they learn to hear God’s voice. They gain a biblical worldview, they experience God’s presence and as prayers are answered, they see the supernatural hand of God change people and circumstances. Equipping children to pray teaches them to take their places with adults in the Kingdom of God.

5. What the Prophets Are Saying About this Generation – SSCM Level Two

Length: 51 minutesAuthor: Becky FischerComplexity: Standard

Well-respected Christian prophetic ministers gave a flood of prophetic words over the Millennial Generation through the 1980s-90s. But the last of the Millennials were born in approximately 2001. Since then by comparison, very few prophecies started coming out until the last couple of years. What are they saying now over this new generation? One of the constant themes is “There’s a worldwide children’s revival that is coming!”

6. Prophetic Children in History – SSCM Level Two

Length: 58 minutesAuthor: Becky FischerComplexity: Standard

In this eye-opening session on children who have walked in the supernatural power of God, you will see and hear about children as far back as Joan of Arc who had valid and extremely powerful supernatural experiences in prayer, speaking in tongues, prophetic utterance, healing the sick, preaching and more. History is full of examples of children who have challenged the common beliefs about what children were capable of spiritually. This in turn validates our determination to help children rise to what God has for them in the power of the Holy Spirit today. God always has and always will use children for His kingdom purposes

7. How the Kingdom of Darkness Operates in Children – SSCM Level Two

Length: 80 minutesAuthor: Becky FischerComplexity: Hard

Have you noticed in the last ten years there has been an explosion of the occult and witchcraft in our entertainment media? I do not think this is by accident. This has been aimed our children in unprecedented ways, not to mention our teens.

The fact that this is all coming in the form of entertainment is disconcerting, but therein lies its secret power. We have been made to believe that, since we have ratings to warn the public of the content of movies, TV shows, and video games, in violence, sex, and swearing, that we can choose wisely and be okay. But there is no rating system for the paranormal, witchcraft or occult in our entertainment media.

8. Kids & the Glory of God – SSCM Level Two

Length: 54 minutesAuthor: Becky Fischer

When God created the heavens and the earth, they were filled with His GLORY. When He made people, He crowned him with GLORY and honor. When mankind sinned, they fell short of the GLORY of God. When Moses met God on the mountain, his face shone from being in the GLORY. In the Tabernacle, the […]

9. Kids of Power – SSCM Level Two

Length: 68 minutesAuthor: Becky FischerComplexity: Hard

This generation is more sensitive to the supernatural than any generation in history. They are seeing visions, having dreams, seeing angels, and unfortunately demons as well. Recent surveys take showed that 20 years ago only about 12% of the overall population had ever had a “paranormal” or supernatural experience whereas today it has jumped to 65%. With a million new immigrants from all over the world coming into the USA every year not just the immigrants are coming by they are bringing their religions and gods with them.

10. The Spiritual World of Autistic Children – SSCM Level 2

Length: 80 minutesAuthor: Becky FischerComplexity: Hard

Most recent studies show that one in every 88 children in the USA are diagnosed with autism. While on one end of the spectrum are child prodigies, on the other end low-functioning children are institutionalized because they need 24 hour care. Experts don’t know what causes this mysterious neurological disorder and they say there is no cure. But with all the other issues, some are highly sensitive to the spirit world. This is what we want to know more about. This session covers three areas: 1) What autism is and what it looks like 2) The spiritual component of these children 3) How churches can set up their children’s ministries to be friendly to these children and their parents. This teaching is extremely helpful and informative especially for people who know very little about this issue.

11. The Supernatural World of this Generation – SSCM Level Two

Length: 62 minutesAuthor: Becky FischerComplexity: Standard

There was time when things like healing, prophecy, and dreams and visions were controversial issues with children. But as Becky points out, today they are the “warm, fuzzy, fun” side of the supernatural. Today, however, the things our children and teens are experiencing both in non-Christian as well as Christian circles has dramatically crossed the comfort zone of most people. Kids are going in and out of the spirit world at will, “playing in Jesus’ village” with the animals, to naming aborted babies that live in heaven but go to school on earth. This is the generation we call the “Joel 2:28 Generation”–the generation God has been waiting for to fulfill His plans in the last days. Yet because Christians have not been prepared to disciple and mentor this generation, the psychic world has been all to eager to do it for us.

12. Guiding Our Kids through the Spirit World – SSCM Level 2

Length: 57 minutesAuthor: Becky FischerComplexity: Standard

Today’s children are surrounded on every side by landmines of the occult, witchcraft, and the dark side of the supernatural. Christian parents, churches, and children’s ministers often overlook the obvious and don’t realize that the tactics of the enemy uses media and entertainment as primary tools to acclimate and indoctrinate our children to accept darkness as innocent fun.

In this session, Becky exposes what is behind some of the most popular children’s books and movies through the confessions of the authors themselves through blogs and interviews, and the spiritual experiences that birthed their “creative” works. It’s very eye-opening and disturbing, and we must teach our children how to discern between God’s supernatural and that of the darkness.

13. Deliverance & Kids – SSCM Level Two

Length: 45 minutesAuthor: Becky FischerComplexity: Standard

Many Christians do not believe that children can be demon-oppressed or demon-possessed, and therefore will not even consider this in dealing with difficult situations in children’s lives. But the scripture is very clear, and gives several examples where Jesus Himself cast demons out of little boys and little girls. While we must always be extremely careful not to jump to any conclusions without the clear direction of the Holy Spirit, and godly counsel, we must be open to the possibility that some children in our ministries may need help through deliverance. Becky offers insight as to how we might deal with these situations in our ministries.

14. Scriptural Basis for Children’s Ministry – SSCM Level Two

Length: 54 minutesAuthor: Becky FischerComplexity: Standard

The Bible actually has volumes of things to say about children, including highlighting great biblical leaders whose stories began in either infancy or childhood. This is a look at familiar and unfamiliar scriptures analyzing what they mean to us today in regard to how God views the children in our care, and what we can expect from them spiritually and prophetically as children.

15. Unlocking the Mystery of Children’s Dreams – SSCM Level Two

Length: 58 minutesAuthor: Becky FischerComplexity: Standard

Has your child ever told you a puzzling dream that made you wonder if they had too much pizza before bedtime?! Dreams can be comical, adventurous, frightening, insightful, but most of all…mysterious! This workshop will help you unlock some of the mysteries of your children’s dreams, including frightful ones, from a biblical perspective.