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SSCM Grad Rode Bus All Night for Graduation
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New SSCM graduate Andrea Hall was serious about receiving her certificate in person. She was not able to attend the entire conference, but was determined to receive her SSCM certificate in person.

She rode a bus all night over 27 hours one way to make it to the ceremonies in time. Because she was not even going to be in town a full 24 hours, she didn’t even purchase a hotel room, but slept on Becky’s couch until the next day.

john to andrea
John Tasch, a true spiritual father, joined our team in giving Andrea a prophetic word.



andrea prayers



Our KIMI leaders gathered around Andrea to pray over her as we do with all of the graduates in attendance.

Andrea is leaving soon to do missionary work in Africa and hopes to establish PowerClubs there. We salute you, Andrea!



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