SSCM Level One: Children’s Ministry Basics


The School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry Level One is made up of sixteen sessions to teach you the basics of how to conduct a children’s ministry service to lead a dynamic, spirit-led children’s service. Combined with our one-of-a-kind KIMI Curriculums, these video lessons show you how to equip children for the work of the ministry, teach them the meat of God’s word, and bring them into the presence of God.

It is designed for those interested in a spirit-filled, Pentecostal, or Charismatic focus. One of the unique characteristics is learning how to teach children to hear God’s voice, be led by His Spirit, heal the sick, learn to be intercessors, worshipers, and more.

Even kids ministers who have had previous children’s ministry training agree that what they learned through these sessions change their ministry forever.

One graduate said, “I have two bachelor’s degrees and two masters degrees in education and theology, yet I can earnestly say that Power Club training and the School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry training is some of the best I have ever experienced.” Sherry Chester, children’s pastor in Texas

“Yippee!!! I am so blessed to have the School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry flash drive right at my fingertips (Levels One, Two and Three combined), so I can listen and listen again all I want. I have NEVER heard anyone preach on these topics AT ALL. Every parent and children’s minister needs to hear this stuff!” Helen Grace Peters, USA 

PLEASE NOTE: There are three Levels of SSCM all of which are highly suggested for anyone with a career in children’s ministry.

$110 + $30 Enrollment Fee = $140.00





Titles of the sessions include:
1: Evaluating the Church & Her Children
2: Kids as a Mission Field
3: I Hate Sunday School, It’s So Boring
4: The New Wine Skin of Children’s Ministry
5: Preschoolers & God
6: Children & the Holy Spirit
7: The Tabernacle Pattern of Children’s Ministry™
8: How to Prepare Your Lesson
9: Creative Teaching Ideas
10: Creative Use of Drama
11: Reaching the Heart of a Child through Games
12: Understanding Children & Worship
13: How to Bring Kids into the Presence of God
14: Discipline Can Be Fun
15. Quick & Easy Scripture Memorization
16. Child Protection Policies

BONUS: PowerClubs: What they Are & How to Start One

By completing this course here online you will automatically
receive a Certificate of Completion for this SSCM Level Three.


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