SSCM Certification

Certification for Each SSCM Level

For those who are interested, we offer a Certificate of Completion for SSCM Level One (Children’s Ministry), and the full 45 hour course made up of Levels One, Two, and Three. These are important for those in leadership positions as ongoing education certification in children’s or family ministry.

As important as Level Two Family Ministry, and Level Three Supernatural Activation are, by themselves certificates of completion are not given. Their value by themselves are in the information gained.

Work at your own pace. Once you have completed each Level of SSCM, you will be sent an email notification immediately that you have passed the course. We then add you to either Level One and the full 45 Hour SSCM graduates to our annual list of graduates. We will send you a digital copy of your certificate and a graduation photo that is added to your class. The school year extends from September to September for each graduating class.

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