About SSCM Team Leaders

Meet the Team leaders in the School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry. Each of these ladies are certified graduates of SSCM themselves and have other important roles in Kids in Ministry. They operate their own PowerClubs or actively train others to do so. They are amazing women of God who have seen many signs and wonders through the children they have ministered to. They are uniquely qualified to help you in your journey through SSCM and beyond.

monica 2Monica Mckeen: SSCM Representative and Group Monitor

Monica is the director of KIMI Massachusetts, a children’s pastor, and single mother of a daughter who was raised on KIMI materials and vision. She is “first face” of KIMI when a customer purchases either an SSCM course, or the PowerClub course. Monica loves to communicate with our SSCM customers, and help them through the process of understanding the benefits of becoming certified graduates. Once they sign up as students, they are then passed to Lori or Christine. Monica also oversees all students who go through the course as Groups. Contact Monica at monicamckeen@ymail.com.

small300-dpiBecky Fischer: SSCM Online Instructor

Becky is the founder and director of Kids in Ministry International, and the developer of the School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry. She monitors the online students, and any issues that arise with the website, tests, and answers questions as students navigate through the school. To learn more about Becky, go here. For any issues with the online schools, contact Becky at SSCMOnline@outlook.com.

Christine SoudeChristine Soude: SSCM PowerClub Administrator

Christine was the very first person to become a director in KIMI. She became director of KIMI India in 2004, and has been faithfully training leaders all over her nation to start and lead PowerClubs. She has translated numerous KIMI resource materials into Hindu, and several other Indian languages. In SSCM she has the big job of overseeing those who sign up to go through the PowerClub Training Course. Her goal is to motivate them to graduate, become certified,  then to encourage them to start and lead PowerClubs. Contact Christine at powerclubsindia@gmail.com.


Lori Hensley: SSCM Instructor

Lori is the director of KIMI Tennessee. She is a veteran children’s pastor of over 20 years, and is an author of a book Raising a Temple: A Mother’s Guide to Training Godly Kids, which we highly recommend. She oversees all of the students who take the course on DVD, MP4s, or MP3s. These students email in their tests, which Lori then grades and returns to the student. She helps answer any questions, and tracks their progress through completion. Contact Lori at kimilori@yahoo.com.

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  1. Hello sister Laura it is me the brother from Cameroon that was offered a free online training on power club by Ma Becky,please i am right now trying to get access using the steps she gave me but it appears there is a little problem because when i get to step 4 which shows that i have a 100 percent free shipping,but there is still a 54 dollar that is remaining which means i cannot watch the video, please what should i do next? help me please you may not mind sending the reply to my box thanks i am waiting fon

    1. Fon, I sent you an email. Please check your email now.

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