How Does SSCM Training Work?

Study at HomeSSCM is a correspondence course made up of three levels:

Level One – Children’s Ministry Basics
Level Two –¬†Children’s Ministry Supernatural Activation
Level Three – Family Ministry

All three levels are extremely important to anyone with a career in Children’s Ministry.

Students can study on their own, or in a group.

Three Ways to Take the Course

1) Taking the Online School found in this website (individuals only, no groups online)
2) Purchasing all three SSCM Levels on DVD/Mp4 at once, or purchasing each Level at a time and watch as an individual. (Purchase DVDs here.)
3) Purchase any level the SSCM DVD course, watch it as a group as per SSCM guidelines. (If members of the group desire to be certified, they must each sign up and pay an enrollment aka certification fee. If participants only want to audit the course, no further action is required. Email us at for more information.



4 thoughts on “How Does SSCM Training Work?

  1. Hi I have registered for the online SSCM course and am very eager to start. I have checked my account and it’s listed as ‘on hold’. Can you advise please? Many thanks

    1. Alison, this is very strange because everything went through fine on our end, including the payment through paypal. However I found this message attached to your order: “Validation error: PayPal amounts do not match (gross 339.97). Order status changed from pending to on-hold.”

      I have no idea what that means or why it happened. So I manually changed your order status to “Completed”. But I don’t know what it does on your end. Has any other confirmation email come in the last few minutes? Can you try now to get in? Tell me what happens on your end. We have not had a problem like this before.

  2. How does one order for the course on DVD. I Can’t find the link on the page? Thank you

    1. Thank you for asking, and I will make sure there are more obvious links. Here is where you go to order the DVDs.

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