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sscm-gradsTestimonies from our SSCM Graduates

The more I watch the videos of the School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry DVDs and use the curriculums of KIMI, I realize that even though I had the call, vision and desire to lead every kid to Jesus, making them true disciples of the Lord and walking in the supernatural, as He did, I was lacking in having a powerful method to fulfill this vision. Through your ministry I have now, this powerful method.Thank You for all the tools that you have made available for us so we can minister His little ones and to for being bold to speak the whole counsel of God without compromise, so we His ministers change our ways of ministering children for His ways.” Angie A.

2012-09-09_11-54-10_521Hi Becky, You don’t know me, but I wanted to let you know how I love the School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry. I can’t stop listening it. It has caught my spirit. I have always had a passion to see children experience and grow in God, but this course really makes a lot of sense. Every time I start listening to another session something comes alive in me. ~Shirley F.

“Listening to the lessons in the School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry has helped me shift my focus as to how far I can take the message of God to children. I didn’t realize they had the [spiritual] capability or that they were even hungry for more. It caused me to repent before God and to press in as to how to serve and teach this generation about a Supernatural, Great, Big Awesome God.”  ~Monique R., NC

Anointing AidenI have not be able to stop listening to the School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry sessions all day. I just wanted to say “Where have you been for the last five years of my life?” I have never been mentored in children’s ministry and I have struggled, receiving many bruises along the way. I was basically thrown downstairs with the kids without any training. I wish I could have someone like you to show me that my vision for this generation was exactly what God is saying. I am learning more from your School than I have in five years. I feel more equipped and I KNOW I am on the right track. Thank you soooooooo much.  ~Sandra M.

I came thinking I knew everything—now I leave thinking I know nothing! ~ Elizabeth, Australia

I am so glad I took the course and it more than met my expectations. It has spurred me on to do what God is calling me to do. I would highly recommend the course for others.  ~Diane  C.


“I completed the course last year and it has completely revolutionized the way I work with kids. I appreciate that we first are taught about what has been going on in Children’s Ministry and evaluate what is working and what hasn’t been as beneficial. We develop a 21st century foundation for kid’s ministry as we go through the vision related courses. As I learned what made this generation unique it really helped me develop a foundation for ministry. It also helped my parenting. Since this is a school of supernatural children’s ministry, the prophetic becomes very important. The group of teachings in this set are awesome. And finally, the practical sessions help up to put it all together. There is sooo much awesome information here that I continue to go back over the classes to reference areas that I need to review. I gained confidence in some things that the Lord has shown me prior to taking the course (why I was looking for something like this) and learned how to apply what I was sensing in my heart. This course was also very valuable for me on a personal level. I would recommend it to anyone who works with kids. It really ignited a passion in me for Children’s ministry and the privilege we have in working with God’s kids.”  ~Jody, Oklahoma

girl worships“I am so motivated by the SSCM that I am doing….I have volunteered to take the 10 to 13′s in Junior Church every Sunday…to disciple them for the Kingdom…so they will soon be the 5-fold ministry of the Church….even after being in children’s ministry for more than 30 years, the SSCM is opening my eyes to so many new things…..and I am putting them into practice immediately, so I don’t lose any time!!…..though many of my children through the years who were discipled in Junior Church, are now church leaders all over the world… this is still soooooooooooo encouraging and motivation…I feel like I am starting my child-discipleship-cycle all over again!! I am THRILLED!!”  ~Natalie Benson

I am definitely getting a lot out of these! sometimes I’m just in awe of the material… I know it’s the Holy Spirit speaking through these people! Linda M., IL

I just wanted you to know that for the third week in a row others have brought up what powerful effects the KIMI training sessions are having on the children, children’s ministries, nursery, pre-K groups, etc. Very cool – this is our all heads of departments meeting we have every Monday morning – and it has been so awesome to listen to the testimonies and excitement growing. Our senior pastors are very pleased to say the least, and very moved at what is happening. Thank you again for all you are doing to advance the kingdom of God! We appreciate all your blood, sweat and tears and do not take it lightly. We are doing all we can to spread this message to the church! Paula S., Michigan

Lukonyi-busia, boy prays,2,

I want to tell you that this has been a great experience for me. I still have some of the “extra” DVDs that we got up there and I’m still taking notes. I’m on my 3rd legal pad now. I have also purchased several books that Becky recommended, and about 3 or 4 of the music CDs you brought to our attention. I am really excited about the way God is moving this ministry forward. It’s like an explosion. It’s multiplication in progress. I really can’t tell you how much I’ve learned and how much I’ve been blessed by it. Diane P.

I will be forever thank God for the children’s training that David and I received from Becky Fischer. This ministry is so worth your attention, and support! Mary Ann K., Georgia


I am so motivated by the SSCM that I am doing. Even after being in children’s ministry for more than 30 years, the SSCM is opening my eyes to so many new things. I am putting them into practice immediately, so I don’t lose any time. This is soooooooooooo encouraging and motivation…I feel like I am starting my child-discipleship-cycle all over again! I am THRILLED! Anne M., India


We’ve just come back from the UK children’s ministries conference over the weekend and, to be honest, there was not anything at the UK conference, like what KIMI offers. They had parachutes and puppets, but I didn’t hear anything about getting children to experience His presence. I couldn’t wait to get back so I could continue watching the SSCM DVDs. Gail J., England

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