SSCM Grads Speak

Zulfiya Ignatova  (Russia)

For many years I felt with all my heart that my ministry to children was meaningless. I myself wanted more spiritual fulfillment, and therefore the children’s ministry was more like a burden than a blessing. And all this turned into a long yearning and pleas for how to change something in my ministry to children. We already have 6 children and the eldest son is 13 years old. Unfortunately, he does not want to join the Church. He knows the Bible stories, many apostolic prayers and psalms by heart, but this does not help, he does not know God personally. After the course, I believe that everything will change. Everything I learned and read in your book, I accept everything! All the information fit in me, and the place for it was ready a long time ago! The Lord rewards those who seek Him! Hallelujah.

Carl and Liela VanVliet (USA)

We have followed KIMI and Becky since the early years, excited to see God continuing to reveal His heart for children through a radical transformation of the way we minister to them. The vision to move beyond the story time children’s ministry into equipping them in the supernatural ways of God is deep in our hearts which aligns perfectly with KIMI and the SSCM model.  As we watched SSCM unfold in KIMI it was the natural next step in our ministry to complete the course and incorporate the excellent KIMI curriculum and SSCM strategies into our ministry. We are excited to see how God uses these things in our ministry to bring to fruition the vision God has given us for ministry to children, youth and family.

Litea Lagilagi (Fiji Islands)

The course has opened my eyes to the importance of children’s ministry (CM) and also to its neglect. I was shocked because the Sunday School approach is quite prevalent in our churches in Fiji. Not only that, but the silent assumption that children cannot be strong spiritually or be baptized in the Holy Spirit or understand and receive the deep things of God. It shocked me because I also had that mindset, not intentionally, but it was there. We have done a lot of things we have blindly, unthinkingly. I now see CM as a high priority. The Lord Jesus came for everyone, children too.

Cheri Griggs (USA)

I loved the course! I love that you “tackle” the deeper things of the Kingdom with children and they do get it!  The various aspects, information, object lessons all helped in bringing the learning together. I also enjoyed your guest speakers!  My heart has been very heavy for kids today.  I live in a small rural town that has generational addictions and lifestyles that are extreme strongholds here.  There are kids that I know of who have visions, see in the spirit realm and battle the bullying of the enemy. I’ve been raised in the church all my life and you have the God-given gift to shed light on things I’d never heard of before.  So, thank you!

Sreynech Y., (Cambodia)

When I watched the videos from KIMI, there were many things that were new to me. Also, I changed my thinking. Before, I thought just as other people do like children are small, so is their thinking; their knowledge also cannot go deeper in God’s word or His character; they cannot pray a powerful prayer etc. I am so amazed how God is working in the kids and through kids. I am practicing prayer with my boy by letting him pray for me when I am sick. He doesn’t know how to pray but I told him, and he repeats after me. We are continuing to do it. I want to bring these teachings into my kids’ ministry and bring them to go deeper in prayer, hear God’s voice, and go deeper in His word. Through the KIMI teaching it opened my eyes to see how important it is to reach out to the kids for God’s kingdom while they are still young. Just like my kids, if I am not teaching them the way of God, others will teach them and lead them to another way.

Vinitha Stalin (India)

I’m involved in the kid’s ministry in my church and I was following the traditional method. Now I thank God for showing me the right path. I want to thank Ms Becky for her spirit filled teaching materials. I never thought kids can be filled with the Holy Spirit. It was an eye-opener and I learnt that childhood is the perfect time to be baptised in the Holy Spirit. The Tabernacle pattern of children’s ministry is to bring kids to the presence of God. Ms Becky beautifully explained the tabernacle in the Old Testament to lead the kids to the Holy of Holies. The neglected group is usually the babies and preschoolers but I realised it is so important to sow the word of God and lead them in the spiritual development. I thank God for this privilege. –

Elena Maksak (Siberia)

The course is an answer to my personal prayer. I helped in Sunday school for two years. Sometimes the children said that they were bored and it made me very upset. I prayed and asked God what can be done. Everything seems to be good but something it feels like we missing something. Now I understand what have we missed. Thank God for Becky and her ministry !!!

Beth Willis (USA)

Becky, thank you so much for SSCM. WOW!!! This is powerful for equipping the Saints, both young and old. I find myself talking about the information on the videos to whoever will listen. They are a breath of fresh air in a time that is greatly needed. After spending 45 plus hours watching you I feel that I know you. I love your heart for the Lord and His people, especially the children.

Karalina Sizenova- (Kazakhstan)

“We liked the course very much. We have lost many generations of children in our church. I have seven children, but only two of them are still in the church. When I asked my older children if they had experienced God, they said no. From the very first lessons, when we started listening to the course, we understood what the problem was. Yes, we gave them Bible stories and topics related to them. But children need God, they need the supernatural, they need God’s touch. They must hear what God is telling them, they must experience Him.

In our children’s ministry, we did not know what to do, because nothing was working anymore, and we were going nowhere.   We prayed for a long time and your lessons were the answer to our prayer. It really set us on fire. We have already begun to apply the tabernacle model to our children’s ministries. Previously, we just prayed at the beginning and prayed at the end, and there was no special time just to be in God’s presence in silence with the children. But now we want to change that. We don’t want not to lose this new generation. These children are completely different, for example, my youngest son, when he was little, he saw an angel. I tell the children that you cannot know what God is telling you if you don’t know the Word of God. But we teach them to be in God’s presence so that the children will be taught and gladly walk into God’s presence.

Marina Solovyova (Russia)

Having spent many years in Sunday school and in children’s camps, working with children, serving them, I often felt dissatisfaction with what I was doing and that the children were not “captured” by Jesus. After completing the Becky Fischer course, I had a rethinking of the entire children’s ministry, a new vision that I gratefully accepted. An understanding of the role of children in ministry came. I also got practical creative ideas. I received answers to many of my questions to the Lord. I am very blessed and enthusiastic.

Natalia Shtern (Israel)

What you preach resonates very strongly in my spirit. I have looked for such training for many years. I am from the International Gospel Center church, from the Ukrainian branch, but I serve in Israel with my family. My pastor and teaching team from Ukraine, they decided to reform the ministry to children when I told them about your ministry. In Israel, the local church does not move in gifts spirit, but God will show his glory I believe! We will also serve in Israel when we leave quarantine. I pray God will give children to serve them. My family and I are a team.

Martha Smith (USA)

I have enjoyed the training, it’s so powerful. My life is impacted with these videos! I’m driven to tears oftentimes when I watch kids pouring their hearts before God! The anointing is so high.  If my life is inspired, I also believe that this teaching truly inspires & transforms the lives of children around the world. All we need is to pray for God to unlock the kids from the hands of false prophets and out of the hands of the religious! Thank you, Becky, for your obedience to God. Thank you for allowing us be part of this powerful ministry.

Nataliia Palchei (Russia)

 Thank you! I am very grateful to Jesus for this course! My thinking about children’s ministry has completely turned upside down and fell into place️.

Alyssa M. (Gamez) Crane – USA

These sessions have revolutionized our children’s church and our church as a whole.  As I have taken the sessions, brought the main points to our church staff and it has touched each of their hearts. We as a church have always placed importance on the children but this has given us new insight, passion, zeal, and insight as to what exactly we should be focusing on. Since taking your course, some of our children have had visions, been baptized in the spirit, spoken prophetic words, heard the voice of God, dreamed prophetic dreams, and so much more! I have seen out children who were under demonic influences be set free and then have seen them weep under the power of the Holy Ghost. We have slowly begun to integrate your teachings into the way we chose to run our classrooms. It has made all the difference. 

Linsey McBride (USA)

Going through the KIMI school really awakened a passion inside of me for children, from babies on up, that I didn’t know was there. I have been in ministry for a while and always loved working with children, even seeing salvations. It was amazing to find such anointed teaching that stirred up the urgency for a children’s ministry that would take kids into the Holy place. Not only did it build my confidence in feeling like “Yes, I can do this because Jesus’ heart is totally all over this.” But it also grew my own prayer and devotional life. So, I recommend this course for EVERYONE! Whether a mom, dad, teacher or preacher or whoever. God has blessed this and anointed it for such a time as this. May we grab hold of it and run toward the harvest full force knowing we are more than conquerors in Christ!

Valarie Barker (USA)

I have volunteered in children’s ministry since I was a child myself.  As my own children were growing up, I taught them starting out in the nursery and moving up in age as my children grew older and continued through middle school.  I always worked very hard to keep my lessons meaningful and interesting, desiring to impact the lives of the kids in my class, but I never saw measurable results, no matter how hard I tried.  I didn’t have a clue how to move from imparting head knowledge to experiencing God’s presence.

As I began studying the KIMI materials I became more and more excited.  I can honestly report that this is the first time in my many years working with children that it was clear that what I was imparting was making a difference. When I taught the lesson(s) involving the infilling of the Holy Spirit, every child in my group received their prayer language except one, and he openly stated that he didn’t want to receive his prayer language. I found that the practical applications on how to receive, and what to do AFTER receiving this gift was extremely helpful.  It was so wonderful to hear the children pray in their heavenly language as we prayed for the different people groups, etc.

Svetlana Lezareva (Russia)

Our church moves in the prophetic for a long time and in all the things that you tell us. We just tried to do something, but there was no teaching. How to interest children. And I am grateful from the bottom of my heart. We have received so much knowledge and wisdom from you. Thank you very much. I can’t even put it into words. What you have done is such a job, such a tremendous job. I understand this for a reason. And by the way, our pastor recommended you.