GOOD NEWS! We have not been able to have a LIVE graduation ceremony for all SSCM graduates for the last few years, complications with Covid, and the selling of our ministry building. So we have decided to have a VIRTUAL SSCM GRADUATION CEREMONY for those who graduated in 2020 and 2021. We miss getting to know our graduates so much! You are all worth getting to know, and the spiritual journeys God has taken you on that has intersected with us are valuable.

Be watching for information about PRETZELS!!!

So on January 29, 2022 at 9:00 am Central Time in Bismarck, ND USA we are going to hold a two hour event to honor you and the call God has put on your life!! I will be speaking and congratulating you, and so will a few of our other fabulous KIMI directors from around the world. We are still exploring ideas of what we want to do, so be sure to check your email over the next few weeks for updated information. If you are not a part of our email list for SSCM Graduates, please join here: Join the appropriate list. If You have graduated from the complete 45 lesson SSCM course, join the Full SSCM Graduates ONLY (all 3 Levels) list. If you have only graduated from Level One or Level Two join the SSCM Graduates for Level 1 & 2 ONLY list.

Becky Fischer,
Founder/Director of the School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry

“This school has changed our lives!”

“This school has changed our lives, our church, our culture and our children. Thank you for everything.” ~Alyssa Gamez

(To see ALL of our graduates, click here:

“This school has been an answered prayer!”


“This ministry has changed my life and every kid in my ministry.” Shelly Gunter


“SSCM is pure gold!!! I enjoy it beyond words!” ~ Maret Põld, Estonia

In 2019 we had 1,361 SSCM graduates! This was an accumulation of grads from Levels 1, 2, and 3 in over 16 nations! We have 9 KIMI directors, and 11 KIMI Regional Representatives who all contributed to the totals. “When the Team works, the Dream works!”

In addition, we have 957 active PowerClubs ministering to 30,125 children in all those nations. This means there are 30,125 children being saved, filled with the Holy Spirit, learning to hear God’s voice, heal the sick and much more!

So, for all of you who are still going through the classes, just know YOU ARE PART OF A MOVEMENT! AN END TIMES MOVEMENT! Be encouraged! Keep going!

We’re cheering you on!

(By the way, please check out our YouTube channel because I am posting a lot more videos these days which will add to what you are doing in SSCM.”

Blessings, Becky Fischer


As far as we know there is not another correspondence training school like the School of  Supernatural Children’s Ministry. This is a one-of-a-kind correspondence course that teaches both children’s ministers and parents the basics of children’s ministry, as well as our distinctive, which is teaching children the meat (deeper truths) of God’s Word, taking them into the presence of God and equipping them to walk in the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit.

The Levels are:
Level One: Children’s Ministry Basics
Level Two: Supernatural Equipping
Level Three: Revolutionary Family Ministry

Kids are Hungry for the Supernatural

The School of Supernatural Ministry exciting life-changing, go-at-your-own-pace course is available in 45 hours of video teaching, and is also available as an online course. You can choose to do all three Levels at once, or SSCM will radically change how you view children and ministry and parenting to them forever.

Kids today are hungry for the supernatural, and this course shows you how to bring them into their God-given spiritual destiny which they were born for. The School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry is the tool you have been praying for whether you are a parent or a children’s ministry worker.

This is prophetic training online for you, so you will be able to turn around and equip your children to walk in the prophetic, supernatural power of God.

“This course has been phenomenal! It is everything I’ve been feeling in my heart for some time and so much more!!! I’m so grateful to God that my steps were ordered to find such a treasure [as the] the School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry! I look forward in co-laboring with you!!! Blessings, Reny Fishman, USA”

“THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to you and your team for the hours of work/editing/ministry you’ve put into this course. Nothing like it on the planet! We’ve learned so much and are so thankful for your ministry.” Liezl Pienaar, Zambia Missionary

“I have two bachelor’s degrees and two masters degrees in education and theology, yet I can earnestly say that Power Club training and the School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry training is some of the best I have ever experienced.” Sherry Chester, children’s pastor in Texas

“I’ve learned from some of the best teachers and preachers in the world but I have to say what Becky presented through 45 lessons as a whole is some of the best teaching I have received in over 2 1/2 decades.” ~Steve O’Brien

Take all three levels, or just the one that is best for your specific needs and interests. Purchase one level at a time, or all three at once for a special price savings.

Congratulations to Our 2019 SSCM Graduates!

We work all year long with our students helping them get to the finish line because each and every one of them are important to spreading the vision around the world, and in their sphere of influence, be it in the churches or families.

“I just finished my last session from the School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry. I can honestly say I’ll never look at children’s ministry the same again. This is the best resource I’ve ever found not only for children’s ministry but also as a parent. I HIGHLY recommend listening to these sessions, you will not be the same! ~ 2015 SSCM Grad Stacey Linsalata, Ohio

“Listening to the lessons in the School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry has helped me shift my focus as to how far I can take the message of God to children. I didn’t realize they had the [spiritual] capability or that they were even hungry for more. It caused me to repent before God and to press in as to how to serve and teach this generation about a Supernatural, Great, Big Awesome God.”  ~Monique R., NC

“I loved this training! It was so powerful and Bible based! I highly recommend it to EVERY parent! Not just children ministers.. It is parents’ job to train the children! This course has been very eye-opening with statistics and empowering with the Truth! Thank you so much, Becky Fischer!” Zaure Vuk, Missionary

“Yippee!!! I am so blessed to have the School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry flash drive right at my fingertips, so I can listen and listen again all I want. I have NEVER heard anyone preach on these topics AT ALL. Every parent and children’s minister needs to hear this stuff! God bless you, Becky Fischer!!!” Helen Grace Peters, USA

“I am so glad I took the SSCM Lessons. They are valuable. This is something I feel every person working in a Children’s Church Department, Christian parents, Children, and Pastors should see & be encouraged to complete. What an eye opener on how Christians should be raising Children with a Biblical World view. So many of us think we ARE doing that until we see these lessons. Putting our Children’s spiritual needs first and doing it before it’s too late should be our top priority.” Marla Martin, Tennessee

 “What I am learning is so awesome. For the 14 years I have been in children’s ministry and have done training with Child Evangelism Fellowship, twice level 1, 2 and the instructor of teachers level one. I have also receive training from One Hope etc. But this one is something very very different from what I have already received from the other ministries. I am learning so many new things of which by the time I am done my ministry will be on fire for Jesus. I wish to say this again thank you so much for this opportunity given to me get this training. It has totally changed my vision for children ministry and as I continue my learning process the Holy Spirit is laying so much in my heart to do. First to carry this KIMI to all the local churches in my community. Even though most of their teachers have received training from C.E.F, that will not stop nor discourage me. It is like I am pregnant and waiting when I am done to give birth.” Fon Humphrey, Cameroon, West Africa

“I have listened to the SSCM course at least 4 or 5 times. I have strengthened my beliefs about the importance of ministering to children. I have been in discussion with the pastoral team in my church, and we have decided to launch the “Hearing God’s Voice” curriculum in 2015 to benefit about 150 to 200 children. I am now preparing a detailed training and mentoring program to train the teachers in the church to implement many useful aspects of what I have learned.” Paul Teo, Singapore

 “These courses have revolutionized my thinking when it comes to children’s ministry. It has given me a Brand New Perspective when it comes to ministering to children. In our ministry here in Guatemala we have done a lot of child evangelism, and some equipping, but I always thought that there was something missing, and needed to get these kids more in the presence of God by teaching them how to do that. But we were very limited. Now those limitations have been removed by these wonderful courses. I am excited about the future because I feel that I am armed and ready to go to a new level with KIMI PowerClubs.” Wally Sayers, Guatemala

“As I started doing the course it was like rekindling a fire on the inside of me, restoring the vision and passion. When I listened to ‘I hate Sunday school ‘and watched Becky teach the preschoolers I was wow. I need that because I myself am not trained. At times when I listened I would cry and there was a stirring in my spirit and I know God has been doing something. ”  Anita Matthews, India

“God led me to Becky Fischer and the Supernatural School of Children’s Ministry. I introduced our children’s team to the material and we immediately put it into practice in all our children’s sessions. The change in the children (and adults) was truly amazing! Our children were able to come into the very presence of their loving Heavenly Father and to hear His voice speaking directly to them. Everything changed! Out went the need for games and crafts – in came a hunger for His presence. Our numbers grew and the spirituality of the children very quickly outgrew most of the adults within church family!” Alison Wilson, England

I Wasn’t Crazy!

 Lucy Jonck, from the UK, said, “I have always been interested in the supernatural, but I first bought the book ‘Redefining Children’s Ministry in the 21st Century’ when I felt frustrated that what I was teaching and asking of unchurched children, for example to not give in to temptation, they were powerless to do without the Holy Spirit.
It was so encouraging that hearing from God and healing the sick, things I dreamed of seeing children do, was not crazy, but achievable even in the UK. It was fantastic that children speaking in tongues was viewed as normal, helping children be engaged by Holy Spirit, and not just entertained by people.
Then I joined the School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry, even though at the time I wasn’t directly involved in children’s ministry. I felt that I needed to equip myself so I would be confident whenever I next had the opportunity to lead children to Jesus.
I’m now a school teacher, and the modules on the course that address the spiritual world of children and parenting have been particularly interesting as I see how the supernatural affects children daily. I’ve joined a church that values children in the same way and look forward to the opportunities God provides to put this into practice in the future.  Lucy


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