Awesome Testimonies!

SSCM Was an Answer to prayer!

These courses were an answered prayer for me. I have learned so much and grown so much more in my own personal spiritual walk and in my ministry. For the past 18 years, I have learned so much as a children’s minister. Over time, however, I began to notice that something was missing. The children didn’t seem to be experiencing Jesus in a way like I did. In a way that captivated them and gave them a desire to live for Him. I went to several other trainings and other classes during that time, and was told to appease their short attention spans and become a great entertainer. I was told that I needed to have a Disneyland mentality when it came to my classroom and make sure that my class was fun above all else.

So, I strived to do that, strived to be the entertainer, making the lessons as fun and short and appealing as I could. And while that was good for a while, kids were still leaving the church. Still following paths that led them away from Jesus as they got older. There just had to be more. Had to be a way to make Jesus real to them. While I was struggling with this, I came across Becky’s lessons and these courses. Each lesson showed me what I’ve been missing and how to truly captivate children’s hearts for God.

I’m excited to incorporate what I’ve learned in the Supernatural School of Children’s Ministry, with Becky Fischer, into my own Children’s Ministry and with the families in my church. While every training and class I’ve been to, overall, has had great value and insight for my ministry, Becky answers questions I’d been struggling with. She gets to the heart of the matter and presents information in a clear manner.

I just loved everything about these courses, the whole experience with SSCM has been wonderful. I highly recommend SSCM for anyone in children’s ministry, families, or anyone who wants to see children not only entertained by the things of God but immersed and engulfed in the supernatural and led by the Holy Spirit for the rest of their life.  ~ Kelly Morgan Hess

At First I Just Didn’t Believe It!

For me, at the beginning, the course was difficult and incomprehensible. I didn’t understand how this could be applied to young children. I had a lot of internal barriers. I re-listened and re-listened to the first lessons. My core belief system was crumbling, the foundation that had been laid within me. Gradually, I forced myself to listen in order to understand what was being given and I began to understand it.

These are interesting things. I am the children minister for kids as young as 3 years old, but even for children of this age, we gradually began to apply what you taught us. We began to use skits, to speak the Word more in an accessible form and the children understand and accept it. And indeed this system works.

I slowly tried to apply it in the ministry and I liked it. And then, when I listened to all your lessons, understanding came to me. I used to consider myself a Christian babysitter when I asked to join the children’s ministry in the junior group. That we’ll talk a little about God, we’ll keep the kids busy. We began to seriously pray with them, they pray, they each pray for their families, we tell them a Bible story with the help of toys.

I saw that my initial understandings were wrong and children understand much more than I thought. Little children perceive everything so deeply and God touches them that they want to cry. I am very grateful for this training, I radically rethought and gained a lot. Thanks a lot. ~ Olga Merkel, Germany

Tasty and Nutritious!

SSCM Level 2 was very “tasty and nutritious”! Thanks a lot! Even for me, as an educator, there were quite a lot of new things that I was glad to know! Especially as for a spiritual person. Plus God’s movement in history! Yes, and the topic “Effective leadership” was so necessary for me! For my daughter (12 years old) I also recommended some lessons from this level. During these 2 years of the pandemic, she listened with interest to Becky Fischer with me and ordered several books in English, and now she agrees and discovers new things. Thanks to the Lord! And bow to you, Pastor Becky and the team, and Svetlana and the team!

SSCM Grad Says Boy’s Greatest Fear Was Dying Without Knowing Jesus

Alison Wilson - UK 2015Such a moving testimony from one of our recent graduates from the School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry!!! This is from Alison Wilson from the United Kingdom. “A couple of years ago I was leading our youth group and I asked them to write down their greatest fears. Later, on reading through them, I found one young lad had written ‘Dying without knowing Jesus’. This really hit home and God birthed a desire in me to search out teaching material that would enable us to teach children about ‘knowing’ Jesus in their hearts as well as their heads.”

“God led me to Becky Fischer and the Supernatural School of Children’s Ministry. I introduced our children’s team to the material and we immediately put it into practice in all our children’s sessions.”

“The change in the children (and adults) was truly amazing! Our children were able to come into the very presence of their loving Heavenly Father and to hear His voice speaking directly to them. Everything changed! Out went the need for games and crafts – in came a hunger for His presence. Our numbers grew and the spirituality of the children very quickly outgrew most of the adults within church family!”

“Since completing the SSCM my personal mission statement has become ‘I will teach you about the power of God, the ways of the Almighty I will not conceal.’ Job 27 v 11. Praise be to God.”

When I got the course I was at my lowest point.

Anita - IndiaI am moved and humbled every time I get a testimony like this from one of our graduates. I cannot give God enough glory for the lives that are changed. We have another precious SSCM graduate from India. Her name is Anita Matthews, a pastor’s wife from India. She studied under KIMI India director Christine Soude. Her testimony is as follows:

“A few years ago I got to watch the movie Jesus Camp . My vision until that point of time was to see kids born again and baptized in the Holy Spirit. But this took it beyond that. As I watched I knew this is what I wanted to see in the kids. At this point of time I was healthy , energetic, enthusiastic and passionate to see a revival among the kids.

I went to the website. I saw the course (at the time it was called Leading the Lambs to the Lion.) I had a desire to do it but it was not affordable. But I would keep going to the website again and again because I was hungry for something more.

Last March I called Christine to purchase a new curriculum and casually asked her about the SSCM. She said she said would find out if I could get a scholarship, and within a few day’s time I had the course. I could not believe it!! When I got the course I was at my lowest point. The first two times I sat down to listen I could not. I was so overwhelmed by the presence of God and I started experiencing a healing in my body from that point on.

As I started doing the course it was like rekindling a fire on the inside of me, restoring the vision and passion. When I listened to ‘I hate Sunday school ‘and watched Becky teach the preschoolers I was wow. I need that because I myself am not trained. At times when I listened I would cry and there was a stirring in my spirit and I know God has been doing something.

As I was doing the course I also had a desire to see the other teachers in the team being trained because it didn’t make sense if we all didn’t move in the same direction. Right now 5 of them are taking the power club training. We are also praying to see how God will lead us from here.

Becky, I want to really appreciate you for your generosity and your heart for the nations and for allowing not just myself but the rest of the team as well to be trained. Even as I write this I’m still in awe of God and all that He has done and I want to thank you for all that you have done. Words will not be able to convey what this course has meant to me. Thank you so much.”

Iza SzanfraniecMeet Iza Szanfraniec – Poland

Iza worked extremely hard to get through SSCM, because it was in English, and taking the tests proved challenging. But she made it! We have had our eye on her for several years as we recognized the fruit and anointing on her life.This is a woman has already been burning up her nation with the KIMI vision. She has been preaching and teaching KIMI every where the doors opened. But we had to wait until she got through the school before we could offer her the position of KIMI Poland director, which she has now accepted. We couldn’t be more pleased. She wrote us:

“I am a person who in 1997 received revelation from God about His plans about how He wanted to touch and transform children and how much He wanted to touch the Church by those transformed children.I had no idea how it could happen until 11 years later I have met Becky and Pamela. They verbalized what I already had in my heart.

“When Gods speaks to you it is serious and you better prepare for what He is showing you! SSCM is the best and solid teaching you can take/get if you are serious about new thing God has for today and for the future of the Church.It gave me a bigger picture ,tools and equipped me for the work God has called me.”

Walter Sayers 2Meet Wally Sayers –  Guatemala

Wally and his wife Elizabeth serve in Guatemala. He recently graduated from the PowerClub training, then had a desire to go through the entire SSCM course. In lightening speed–barely two weeks–he completed the remaining 30 sessions. He is our first SSCM graduate and PowerClub leader in Guatemala. Here’s what he said about the School:

“These courses have revolutionized my thinking when it comes to children’s ministry. It has given me a Brand New Perspective when it comes to ministering to children. In our ministry here in Guatemala we have done a lot of child evangelism, and some equipping, but I always thought that there was something missing, and needed to get these kids more in the presence of God by teaching them how to do that. But we were very limited.”

“Now those limitations have been removed by these wonderful courses. I am excited about the future because I feel that I am armed and ready to go to a new level with KIMI PowerClubs. I just want to thank Becky for her powerful vision for the kids in the world and her love that she has for us and Guatemala. My wife Elizabeth and I have a very big vision for Guatemala and all of Central America in that we want to see a revolution of children´s ministries and parents. By doing that, we will see PowerClubs planted by the thousands in Jesus mighty Name.”

Paul Teo Choon Boh 2Meet Paul Teo Choon Boh (Singapore)

Paul is from Singapore. He is our first graduate from that unique tiny country.

He says: I have strengthened my beliefs about the importance of ministering to children. I have been in discussion with the pastoral team in my church, and we have decided to launch the “Hearing God’s Voice” curriculum in 2015 to benefit about 150 to 200 children. I am now preparing a detailed training and mentoring program to train the teachers in the church to implement many useful aspects of what I have learned.” Welcome to the KIMI family, Paul!


Laura EdmondsonMeet Laura Edmondson – Texas, USA

“By taking the School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry Course, I felt so encouraged and equipped to continue pursuing what God has placed on my heart. Becky has so much experience and depth that I could listen to the course two more times and continue to glean much! I first heard of Becky almost 9 years ago, when my children were very young. I was desperate for a children’s ministry that reflected the views that God had put on my heart for my children. By using the KIMI materials, I have seen children, including my own, go so deep in their relationship with Jesus.”


portrait FONCongratulations to Fon Menah Humphrey (Republic of Cameroon)

We are especially excited to present “Uncle” Fon Menah Humphrey who is our first African leader to complete the PowerClub Training Series completely online. We know having SSCM online will give us the opportunity to train people in places we cannot go physically ourselves. We are so excited to see what fruit will come from this dedicated children’s minister. Fon wrote:

“What I am learning is so awesome. For the 14 years I have been in children’s ministry and have done training with Child Evangelism Fellowship, twice level 1,2 and the instructor of teachers level one. I have also receive training from One Hope etc.

But this one is something very very different from what I have already received from the other ministries. I am learning so many new things of which by the time I am done my ministry will be on fire for Jesus.

Ma, I wish to say this again thank you so much for this opportunity given to me get this training. It has totally changed my vision for children ministry and as I continue my learning process the Holy Spirit is laying so much in my heart to do. First to carry this KIMI to all the local churches in my community. Even though most of their teachers have received training from C.E.F, that will not stop nor discourage me. Ma, it is like i am pregnant and waiting when I am done to give birth.

Marla Martin Nov 2014Meet Marla Martin – Tennessee, USA

“I am so glad I took the SSCM Lessons. They are valuable. This is something I feel every person working in a Children’s Church Department, Christian parents, Children, and Pastors should see & be encouraged to complete. What an eye opener on how Christians should be raising Children with a Biblical World view. So many of us think we ARE doing that until we see these lessons. Putting our Children’s spiritual needs first and doing it before it’s too late should be our top priority.”

Jeanette Rachinger - Australia 2014-15Jeannette Rachinger – Australia

Jeanette Rachinger, studied the School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry in AUSTRALIA. Here’s what she had to say about taking the SSCM course:

“Thanks to the SSCM course I have a whole new inspiration for Children’s Ministry – I taught Children’s Church for years with little fruit but now we have a thriving and excited group called The Incredibles, fulfilling the word God gave me at the beginning of the year ‘producing a harvest beyond our wildest dreams’ MSG Matt 13:23 Now I actually miss the kids from one week to the next! Children are loving the object lessons, sword drills and memory verses. We have done Becky’s kid-friendly Seder Meal for the whole church on Good Friday this year, we have done our own Revolutionary Parenting Conference followed by 4 kids being Water Baptized, we have witnessed healings, breakthrough in speaking in tongues, children praying for adults (very impacting) and best of all, kids complain to their parents if they cant come to church!

GivenMeet Given Mpembwe – Zambia

Given is our second SSCM graduate from Zambia. She was tutored by Malene Anderson, KIMI Zambia Director. She has helped along side of Malene steadily as an interpreter, and coworker holding KIMI family conference, PowerClub Trainings, and more.

This amazing woman lives in a village with no power, internet or tv, so for her to watch the DVD’s she has walked many kilometers and spend hours on transport. At the same time she has 6 children under her care and a full time job. WELL DONE!!

She is an anointed leader and worshiper with a big heart for children and passion for Jesus. God has put big dreams and vision for the children of Zambia in her heart.”

MaleneMeet Malene Anderson – Zambia

Malene and Andreas, her husband, who both are working in a Bible school in Zambia with many roles. Malene was among our 2013 SSCM graduates, and has conducted PowerClub trainings, and introduced our vision into the Bible school there. Last year she conducted the most amazing family conference using the blood of Jesus curriculum, and her creativity and resourcefulness in props and costumes was impressive when you realize she was able to do so much in such a poor country. She has shown over and over again her passion for the vision of KIMI.

In the last couple of weeks she successfully led a PowerClub training at the Bible school. They had over 90 PC graduates, oversaw the translation of OAG Int’l version, gave out copies of OAG in the native language to the graduates, and more.Recently she enthusiastically accepted the position of director of KIMI ZAMBIA! And I could not be more thrilled!!!

Daina Vekmane - LatviaMeet Daina Vekmane – Latvia, Eastern Europe

Another SSCM Grad!!! They are just coming in all over the world because our 2014 graduation ceremony is Oct 3, and they are all trying to get under the deadline! But please welcome, Daina Vekmane from Latvia (eastern Europe and former Soviet block.) How in the world dis anybody find us up in Lativia?! The Holy Spirit finds these people somehow and sends them our way. Anybody who is hungry to see kids trained and equipped to walk in the Power of God somehow finds us!

Daina already has a desire to train other people in SSCM and to start and lead Powerclubs. Glory to God! Imagine this spreading all over the former Soviet Union? She wrote: “When communism and Iron Gate fell, everybody was hungry and thirsty for Christianity. It was a time of spiritual revival in our country. Soon we had a new need. We needed to find a way to minister to kids who were attending with their parents.

At that point I was in my early teenage years. And I had no idea how to do Sunday school and children` s ministry… All I knew to do, was reading Bible stories… Everything else mostly came from the leading of the Holy Spirit.

For a decade we were doing great. Everybody was hungry and things went very well. But then it shifted. Eventually our kids ministry became the exact description of 1st Chapter in Becky Fischer` s book. I have found it on my own experience that this generation cannot be influenced by mere Bible stories, few games and review questions alone.”

We were determined that this ends NOW. I knew we needed to change something. I just did not understand WHAT needs to be changed. That is when a thought dropped in my mind: What about searching the internet for supernatural children` s ministries? Maybe I can learn some secrets, tips and key things to change the outcome of this generation. Believe me, I had no idea there is such a thing as Supernatural Children` s Ministry. All of this is new to me, but I have an inner knowing this is what I have been searching for almost 20 years.”

We believe, like the others, God has sovereignly sent Daina to us. Praise God, there is still time to reach the children of Latvia!  Congratulate Daina on completing the 45 hour course successfully!

Ise Sirovina - 2014Meet Ise Sirovina (Germany)

Ise and her husband pastor a small church in Esslingen, Germany. She wrote:

“I have seen tremendous moves of God in my international ministry in the past, but felt an urgent need to get equipped more for the local church and for the home. I was amazed at how Becky’s messages have again and again surprised, expanded, and enlarged my thinking in many ways. I enjoyed the tremendous information and obviously good preparation for every message bringing statistics and other needed information to bring along the right perspective.

My heart is on fire for children more than ever before! Having completed the SSCM I feel wonderfully empowered to equip children and parents/ teachers for supernatural ministry. My heart has been ignited in a new powerful way to serve children myself and to lead others to serving their children as well as igniting other ministers hearts to invest into their children.

The school has impacted our children’s ministry. We see beautiful progress among the kids moving in the supernatural (e.g. recently had a young Muslim girl prophesying over flooded Balkan nations…) and we now have a group in church who is getting equipped through SSCM. During the last few weeks I have been able to speak with a  ministry in Romania as well as in Croatia who are thinking about starting the course as well – both already had a desire to equip their children in the supernatural. So God is moving in Europe – thank you for your prayers for us!!

Simply love the course! Thank you so much Becky and all those working behind the scene! Excellent job. Hope to meet you all some time! Welcome to the KIMI family, Ise!


Denise Merchant 2014

Congratulations to Denise Merchant! (USA)

She is one of our newest graduate of the KIMI School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry. Below is some of her testimony of how the SSCM affected her:

“It was … in 2007, that I came to know of Becky Fisher through Karen Wheaton’s RAMP ministry. After attending the children’s RAMP in 2007 I began a journey to learn more about KIMI’s philosophy of Children’s ministry. It took me a while to finish the course, but praise God I did! I was ordained through a local ministry in December of 2010 and am presently assisting them with their family ministry, geared toward the younger Christian.

Being a graduate of SSCM has given me answers to questions and understanding of the vision for the children. It has connected me with like-minded children’s ministry leaders.”