Lives Changed!

Olga Merkel (Russian in Germany)

For me, at the beginning, the course was difficult and incomprehensible. I didn’t understand how this could be applied to young children. I had a lot of internal barriers. I re-listened and re-listened to the first lessons. My core belief system was crumbling, the foundation that had been laid within me. Gradually, I forced myself to listen in order to understand what was being given and I began to understand it.

These are interesting things. I am the children minister for kids as young as 3 years old, but even for children of this age, we gradually began to apply what you taught us. We began to use sketches, to speak the Word more in an accessible form and the children understand and accept it. And indeed this system works. I slowly tried to apply it in the ministry and I liked it. And then, when I listened to all your lessons, understanding came to me. I used to consider myself a Christian babysitter when I asked to join the children’s ministry in the junior group. That we’ll talk a little about God, we’ll keep the kids busy. We began to seriously pray with them, they pray, they each pray for their families, we tell them a Bible story with the help of toys. I saw that my initial understandings were wrong and children understand much more than I thought. Little children perceive everything so deeply and God touches them that they want to cry. I am very grateful for this training, I radically rethought and gained a lot. Thanks a lot.