SSCM Level Two: Supernatural Equipping


Kids are hungry for the supernatural, but unfortunately, they can find it everywhere but in the church. Kids want a supernatural touch of the Holy Spirit, but even in Pentecostal, Spirit-filled churches, it’s rare to find teaching for children on the Holy Spirit. That’s why these teachings are so crucial. In these sessions, we expose what is really happening in the world of our children. But we then teach you sound biblical teachings on the genuine supernatural power of the Holy Spirit. You learn for yourself about how to operate in the Spirit, but also what it looks like when children do the same. This set of sessions will activate all age groups!

SSCM Level Two will educate and activate you as a church leader or parent, teaching you the powerful different areas of the power of the Holy Spirit, but also how to walk in these things yourself if no one has taught you.

One of our graduates said, “I have always been interested in the supernatural. It was so encouraging that hearing from God and healing the sick, things I dreamed of seeing children do, was not crazy but achievable. It was fantastic that children speaking in tongues was viewed as normal, helping children be engaged by the Holy Spirit and not just entertained by people. I’ve now joined a church that values children in the same way I do, and I look forward to the opportunities God provides to put this into practice.” Lucy Jonck, United Kingdom

PLEASE NOTE: There are three levels of SSCM, all of which are highly suggested for anyone with a career in children’s ministry.

$110 + $30 Enrollment Fee = $140.00

Topics covered in Level Two:
1. Kids as Carriers of Revival
2. How to Hear the Voice of God
3. The Supernatural Power of Tongues
4. Awakening a Heart of Prayer in Children
5. What the Prophets Are Saying About Generation
6. Prophetic Children in History
7. How the Kingdom of Darkness Operates with Kids
8. Kids & the Glory of God
9. Kids of Power
10. The Spiritual World of Autistic Children
11. The Supernatural World of This Generation
12. Guiding Kids through the Spirit World
13. Deliverance and Kids
14. Scriptural Basis for Children’s Ministry
15. Unlocking the Mystery of Children’s Dreams


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