Revolutionary Parenting

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Revolutionary Parenting

Length: 45 minutesAuthor: Becky FischerComplexity: Standard

Being a good Christian does not mean a person is a good parent. There is no manual handed out when you get saved or first get married that tells you…

How to Raise a Spiritual Champion (RP)

Length: 59 minutesAuthor: Becky FischerComplexity: Hard

It’s the job of Christian parents to raise children who are spiritual champions. Spiritual champions are those who see God as the most important thing in their lives, and order…

Circumcising a New Generation (RP)

Length: 65 minutesAuthor: Becky FischerComplexity: Standard

Joshua was God’s designated man to take the Promised Land back, but he needed help to do it. But no one over the age of twenty was allowed into the…

A Holy & Righteous Generation (RP)

Length: 42 minutesAuthor: Becky FischerComplexity: Standard

This generation has been more assaulted with immorality of all kinds on every front than any other generation in American history. We have credible statistics that shows there is virtually…

Is Children’s Ministry Biblical? (RP)

Length: 51 minutesAuthor: Becky FischerComplexity: Standard

Somehow within the last 100 years, it has become the accepted standard to expect our churches disciple our children. Typical Sunday Schools are what we’ve been led to believe is…

Single Parent Discipleship (RP)

Length: 36 minutesAuthor: Becky FischerComplexity: Standard

Almost everyone is familiar with dire statistics that say the children raised in single parent homes face challenges. They become victims in so many ways. But single mother of four,…

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